Helping Retail Services Group to strengthen their offer with high-tech capability

GWD helped Retail Services Group to confidently engage in high-tech discussions with their existing retail customers. GWD provided on-tap technical know-how, meeting and pitch support, as well as technology prototyping, to enable Retail Services’ business development professionals to broaden their offer and bid for a greater variety of business and strengthen relationships with key accounts.


Why are Retail Services working with GWD?

Retail Services design and supply some of the world’s leading brands and retailers with industry leading in-store solutions. As one of the foremost suppliers to the retail industry, Retail Services quickly realised that in order to continue effectively servicing existing customers and to win new clients their service offering would have to incorporate an element of technology. Not only were their customers already demanding this, they had themselves seen great potential projects now made possible through emerging technology. As a software provider, GWD have been through a similar journey and thought process, so with the direction of our two businesses thus aligned, combining our forces to develop this market made good sense.


How did GWD add value to Retail Services?

GWD offered practical input into existing projects and new opportunities. We supported the creation of customer pitches and gave detailed feedback on existing briefs that required technology provision. We also helped add a tech dimension to the Retail Services stand for RBTE 2016, with our RFID video wall solution.


What technologies were GWD good with?


  • RFID
  • Beacons
  • Virtual Reality
  • App development