Retail Buzz Week – “Executing tomorrow’s technology today”

Retail Week, a leading publication within the retail industry, are at the forefront of latest retail trends and developments; and host the Retail Buzz Week event annually to bring together leaders from across retail discussing advances in technology and the future of retail. As part of the event, Good With Devices were selected to participate in a 24 hour Hackathon, which involved some of the sharpest mind in retail technology working to generate new and innovative ideas.


The Challenge

Our mission at Good With Devices is to merge the benefits of online shopping into bricks and mortar stores, and so this year’s challenge was right up our street: 24 Hours to drive online shoppers into store locations. We needed to provide an answer to how retailers can use technology to drive online shoppers into store locations, and create a truly seamless customer experience in the process.


The Solution

Tapping into the recent success of Pokémon Go, Team GWD acknowledged that gamification to drive customer engagement had huge potential if implemented appropriately.

Within 24 hours we developed a marketing campaign platform in the form of a combined web-based solution and mobile app, designed to integrate seamlessly with retailers’ existing e-commerce websites and mobile applications.

The platform allows retailers to distribute collectable items around their website for e-commerce users to discover whilst they are browsing normally. Initial discovery points the users in the direction of saving their collection progress and continue their journey in-store through use of a mobile app which allows interaction with physical retail locations to further their collection. When the customer completes their collection they earn themselves a reward!

Our goal for the Hackathon project was to provide retailers with a way of engaging customers early on the website and then transition them onto the mobile platform. Customers need to go to the physical retail locations to complete their collections where retailers can design a scheme that guides them to relevant areas to take the best value possible from each customers visit by encouraging suitable interactions.