Good With Devices

We live in remarkable times. A new generation of makers, innovators and creative thinkers are disrupting in markets that were believed to be well-established. Consumers don’t just want but expect a seamless, engaging experience delivered to them across channels at their convenience. How can you stop your customers slipping away? Get better connected.



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GWD connects brands with people. We draw on our experience of connected device projects for huge international organisations to help you deliver a true omni-channel strategy. We’ll provide you with the inspiring ideas and solutions you need to ensure your different channels complement, not compete with each other.



GWD delivers robust solutions that enhance your brand. By drawing from a deep partner network, collaborating with in-house development teams or directly provisioning devices or software, GWD will give you the tools you need to enable your project.



GWD gives you the support you need to guarantee your project is a success. GWD provides customers with robust, fault tolerant management systems and state of the art support infrastructure to ensure you’re never left in the lurch and you’re always better connected.

Contact us to speak to one of our experts about your connected devices project.