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Drumknott is GWD’s IoT platform for customer engagement across devices. Drumknott connects devices of all kinds across a high-availability cloud network. Drumknott is hardware agnostic and works across all connection types applying common-sense solutions to the myriad different interaction problems of the Internet of Everything. Drumknott underpins GWD’s management systems and enables speedy deployment of bespoke systems in new markets as well as effective enterprise integrations.

man using self service check-in kiosk in airport


GWD’s kiosk management system; Genkiosk has been used by kiosk, tablet and wifi operators the world over for over a decade. Genkiosk includes a locked down client to ensure the integrity and security of your interactive devices as well as a high-availability cloud-based management system. Genkiosk provides role-based access, remote control and configuration of devices, instantaneous fault alerting, management information and data export or integrations as standard.


  • Business intelligence
  • Enterprise integrations
  • Instant alerting
  • Remote control of devices
  • Content management
management system software on laptop, tablet and phone


GWD’s vending management system, Veovend is lightweight and focussed. It comprises product and fault information in a web interface as well as task-specific mobile apps for specific roles at vending operators. Veovend shows the power of Drumknott to deliver value in the unattended retail space.


  • Business intelligence
  • Enterprise Integrations
  • Task-specific mobile apps
management system software on laptop, tablet and phone
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We have extensive experience of creating bespoke user interfaces for major brands. We emphasise a consistent experience and “on-brand” delivery across the different channels. Our speciality is delivering device-specific software without compromising user experience.



Connecting things is what we do. We are familiar with the integration of all types of devices, either stand-alone or peripheral. If it talks, we can speak the language, and if it doesn’t, we can often make it talk. We also connect software, having developed, consumed and specified APIs for all types of systems from embedded to enterprise.

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