Cross Sector Experience

At GW Devices, we follow the technology. As different sectors adopt new technologies, we have always been well positioned to service those needs, being at the forefront of innovation and proving ourselves able to adapt.

payment by phone with epos terminal


High street retailers will make more and more use of connected devices to deliver a true omni-channel experience to their customers. Customer engagement is king as retailers strive to remain relevant in a disruptive market place. GWD will give you the tools you need to keep connected.


GWD works either directly with retailers or through industry partners to improve conversion rates and cross-channel uptake for your customer-base.

visa payment using alternative payment method


Digital devices are a major factor in enabling payments for the 2.5 billion people without access to banking. GWD has connected devices for cash and digital payments all over the world.


In banked populations, branch banking is being eroded in favour of convenient device-based access to financial services. GWD can help you expand your footprint without the overhead of traditional branch expansions.

visa payment using alternative payment method
phone being used to show iot application


The Internet of Things is here and intelligent connected devices are adding value to consumers and industries alike. GWD can reduce your time to market with a new product or help you to devise and implement an IoT strategy in your company today.


GWD can help you add IoT devices to your existing strategies without expensive integration into your main IT infrastructure. By leveraging our cloud-based IoT platform we can provide you with cost-effective access to information and functionality provided by any connected device.

Get in touch to hear about how GW Devices has helped business in your sector, and how we can help you with your connected devices strategy.