A Penny For Our Thoughts

Well you can keep the penny to be honest, but we’d still love to share our ideas and explorations that we’ve collated about devices, retail and other such subjects.

phone based keyless entry system in use
Everything you always wanted to know about RFID…

As a technology that most of us use somewhere in our lives, RFID is maybe not as well known as it should be. Our guide to RFID covers why and how RFID is used around you, and how it can be used for greatest impact in the retail industry.

phone being used to show iot application
Everything you always wanted to know about Beacons…

There’s been a lot of talk about beacons recently. But what exactly are they? And why should you care? Beacons have the potential to open up exciting new opportunities for brands to interact with customers in ever more interesting ways.

tablet based assisted selling app being used in store
Everything you always wanted to know about Omni-channel…

Omni-channel is a term that’s bandied about in a bewildering array of situations, so you’d be forgiven if you’ve already dismissed the concept as just a vogue term. But with customers becoming ever more demanding it’s an incredibly important paradigm.

smiling woman using oculus rift virtual reality headset
Everything you always wanted to know about Virtual Reality…

Virtual Reality is a big deal again for the first time since the 90s. While the benefits for home entertainment go without saying, it’s the wider application of virtual reality for customer engagement that’s less covered, and ultimately of more interest to businesses.

Everything you always wanted to know about Apple Pay…

Apple Pay launched in the UK in July 2015. If you’re interested in accepting Apple Pay payments, or just want to know how the technology works, read our guide to see whether it’s something for retailers to take notice of, or just another fad.