Increasing revenue for Fujifilm through improved productivity at their major UK retail customers

GWD worked with Fujifilm to provide a bespoke, feature-rich remote management system for their entire deployment of photo printing kiosks. The system has been used to help Fujifilm maintain relationships and brand value in their UK supermarket customer stores right across UK. GWD work closely in partnership with the Fujifilm technical team to ensure the software systems work in harmony.


Why are Fujifilm in business with GWD?

Fujifilm recognised that GWD’s experience in remote device integration and management would guarantee the success of their high-profile and much needed SmartNet implementation. GWD were able to point to excellent adherence to stringent SLAs, which gave Fujifilm the confidence that we would be a trusted and reliable partner and would provide the level of service expected in the retail industry.



GWD’s work has enabled Fujifilm to maximise up times on equipment in large retail stores and to respond to problems before the store were actually aware. This has resulted in two of our major customers increasing their productivity and provided them with live reports of turnover, up time, consumable usage etc.

Leyton Prosser, Operations Director


How did GWD add value to the project?

GWD’s agile and iterative approach helped ensure that the product development was fully visible to Fujifilm at all stages. We attended technical meetings with Fujifilm customers to ensure a broad understanding of the offer and acted as pseudo Fujifilm employees to ensure a consistent message and approach.


What technologies were GWD good with?


  • Peripheral device integration
  • Payment devices
  • Online management system
  • Big data