Helping Orange enable bill payment services in-store, through interactive devices

GWD worked with Orange to provide a bespoke, on-brand user experience to its customers in flagship stores in Bratislava and across Slovakia. As well as integration of hardware devices, touch-screen UI development and integration with Orange’s enterprise payment API, GWD also integrated an AWS cloud endpoint with Orange’s back office systems through a secure VPN connection.


Why are Orange in business with GWD?

GWD have been in business with Orange since 2012, when the Eastern European arm of the global telecoms giant required help getting their in-store digital payment project off the ground.
Orange had already engaged the services of the bill payment specialist Qiwi, who were able to offer their services in the procurement and maintenance of the hardware devices, but were in need of a dedicated software team and brought GWD in to offer our experience in this sector.



I was very impressed with GWD’s attention to detail on our project. They stepped in and took control of the different aspects bringing together some challenging elements and building a system that matched Orange’s vision to the smallest detail. We could not have done this without them.

Branislav Halat, Head of Operations


How did GWD add value to the project?

As with any large retail organisation, protection of their brand was of utmost importance to Orange and GWD contributed to this by delivering an application with reliable function and a high quality aesthetic to ensure the end users got a positive brand experience once the services were launched in the Orange stores.

GWD worked closely with Orange to deliver a touchscreen application that met their exacting brand requirements. Once the UI was signed off, we moved on to the integration phase, connecting individual hardware elements to our application platform to enable live alerting. An additional integration was required from the transactional devices into Orange’s back office systems and GWD provisioned a cloud-to-premises VPN setup to enable direct integration between the cloud-based management system and Orange’s EPOS back-end system.


What technologies were GWD good with?


  • Payment devices
  • VPN
  • Touchscreen interfaces
  • Back office integration