Good With Partners

We are extremely keen to work in collaboration with agencies looking to conceptualize and deliver innovative, connected physical brand experiences. We believe that with our unparalleled experience in the world of connected devices, coupled with your creativity and deep understanding of brand and user experience we could do some really exciting things together!

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Here at GWDevices we believe that everything starts with the customer. Modern consumers expect seamless, joined-up experiences across the entire multi-channel shopping experience. Brands and retailers are keener than ever to engage their customers in new, innovative ways. Whilst a lot of work has been done to unify mobile and online channels, interesting or creative attempts to extend the brand experience to the physical world, in-store, are still relatively rare. We believe that a very exciting opportunity exists for creative and brand activation agencies with strong existing relationships to capitalise upon this opportunity.

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We are experts in our field with many years of experience and a portfolio of big-name, international brands already under our belts. However, we are fully aware that we are only part of the overall solution. To see devices deployed on a much wider and more interesting scale, we realize that brands and retailers have to start to understand more about how these technologies can help to deliver increased sales and greater customer retention.

two software developers looking at a screen
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  • Demonstrate creativity by proactively introducing innovative customer experience concepts to existing and new clients
  • Open up new revenue streams by providing additional services into existing accounts
  • Develop a differentiation in the market and become acknowledged as experts in ‘joined up’ customer experiences


We are convinced that connected devices provide almost limitless opportunities to deliver exciting, innovative and highly effective new experiences for today’s consumers. This is a fascinating and potentially very lucrative area, with huge potential. If you’d like to learn more about connected devices, or to arrange an initial chat or meeting to throw some ideas around, we’d love to meet you!

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