GWD have been invited to take part in the Retail Week Hackathon

retail-week-hackathon-2016Here at GWD we love taking on new challenges, and especially where they involve an opportunity to build something new. That’s why we’re so excited to be sending a team to compete in the annual Retail Week Hackathon. The event will involve a gruelling 24 hour stint developing a new solution to the problem of attracting on-line shoppers into stores and providing a seamless experience while doing so. We’re all looking forward to the opportunity to pit ourselves against our peers in the industry and hopefully do ourselves proud. More important though, is the opportunity to rub shoulders with those others in the industry who share our passion for bringing technology to the forefront of in-store retail in exciting, engaging ways that delight customers of all demographics.

Look out for an update on our blog after the 15th of September, where we’ll talk about the event, our experiences and the project we submitted to the hackathon.