Good With Devices

At GWD we understand that devices aren’t the whole picture. The interaction between people and devices is where truly memorable experiences happen. We have relevant real-world experience to help you specify, procure and most importantly add value with, devices of all types.

estimote beacon on wall in retail environment


“73 percent of shoppers surveyed said that beacon-triggered content and offers increased their likelihood to purchase during their store visit”


Beacons deliver a true contextual experience to consumers and allow brands to finally combine the digital and physical channels to their customers’ benefit.


  • Engage with customers
  • Create engaging and memorable customer experiences
  • Drive repeat purchases
  • Laser-guided targeted marketing
estimote beacon on wall in retail environment
people using a multi-touch screen


GWD has facilitated the installation of many thousands of touch-screen devices throughout the world. Many factors should be considered when deciding on the perfect device for your project, such as multi-touch capability, ruggedness, payment options and printing capabilities. GWD can help specify and procure a full range of suitable devices, ensuring that you give your customers the best first impression followed by an engaging and successful user experience.


  • Kiosks
  • Tablets / iPads
  • Ticketing
  • Headless
payment via tablet based pos terminal


Whether you have a legacy EPOS system or a modern MPOS, GWD can help you integrate your connected device strategy in a variety of clever ways. Get in touch and ask us how we can help you avoid the hassle of a lengthy integration process with an expensive EPOS provider.

payment via tablet based pos terminal
store of the future with digital signage


GWD can provide you with modern digital signage that does more than just display. You can make use of your existing CRM data and opt-in proximity information to target your digital signage to the immediate audience. Give us a call to find out how we can help you upgrade your signage with off-the-shelf technology and without breaking the bank.

Get in touch to get a quote or to get advice on which devices are right for your strategy.